02 June 2011


1. Last beverage → coke
2. Last phone call → MR E
3. Last text message → MR E
4. Last song you listened to → Jar of heart
5. Last time you cried → last week

6. Dated someone twice → yup
7. Been cheated on? → PENAH!!!
8. Kissed someone & regretted it? → nak!!! tp xleh...
9. Lost someone special? → nope
10. Been depressed? → of keros
11. Been drunk? → nak mati?


15. Made new friends → ramai
17. Laughed until you cried → xde plak
18. Met someone who changed you → only MAMA can changed me.
19. Found out who your true friends were → yes... (FUAD)
20. Found out someone was talking about you → penah je...
21. Kissed anyone on your friend's list → GILE!!
23. How many kids do you want to have → min 2 max 4 (depend pd rezeki)
24. Do you have any pets - x penah
25. Do you want to change your name → perlu ke???
26. What did you do for your last birthday → celebrating with my dear MR E
27. What time did you wake up today? → 6.45 a.m
28. What were you doing at midnight last night → sleep
29. Name something you CANNOT wait for → convo day's ...can c how happy my parent
30. Last time you saw your father → last month
31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life→ slim hahahahhahaah
32. What are you listening to right now? nothing
33. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom → whos TOM???
34. What's getting on your nerves right now? → not sure
36. Whats your real name → NOR JULIANA BINTI MOHAMAD
37. Relationship Status → IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH MR E
38. Zodiac sign → aries
39. Male or female→ pompuan lorrr
40. Elementary → SKKT
41. Middle School → SIGS JB
42. High school → SIGS JB
43. Hair color→ Hitam
44. Long or short → Pendek
45. Height→ 169cm
46. Do you have a crush on someone? → YUP
47. What do you like about yourself? → happy go lucky & easy going
48. Piercings → yup
49. Tattoos → mati susah t
50. Righty or lefty →kanan

51. First surgery → xpnh
52. First piercing→ setahun
53. First tattoo → kan da kate tak de
54. First best friend → sharifah shahidah syed mohd edit
55. First sport you joined → rejam lembing
56. First pet → kucing (abah punya)
57. First vacation → pantai lido hahahaahha
58. First concert → xingt
59. First crush → drjah 2 (menggatal)
60. First alcohol drink → GILE???

61. Eating →nope
62. Drinking → yup
63. I'm about to → see MR E
64. Listening to → jar of heart
65. Waiting for → MR E

66. Want kids? → of course
67. Want to get married? → lagi la mau
68. Careers in mind? → process engineer

69. Lips or eyes → lips
70. Hugs or kisses → hugs
71. Shorter or taller → taller but its ok if he "SHORTER THAN ME"
72. Older or Younger → older
73. Romantic or spontaneous → both
74. Nice stomach or nice arms → not really care
75. Tattoos or piercings→ xnak la
76. Sensitive or loud → depend on situation
77. Hook-up or relationship → depend...
78. Trouble maker or hesitant→ not really care

79. Kissed a stranger → GILE???
80. Drank hard liquor → NAK MATI???
81. Lost glasses/contacts → TAK PKAI GLASSES
82. Sex on first date → TGGU NIKAH
83. Broken someone's heart→ OBVIOUSLY yesss!!!!
84. Had your own heart broken → sye
85. Been arrested? → kantoi dgn mama coz anta surat cinta kat pakwe
86. Turned someone down → yes
87. Cried when someone died→ upy
88. Liked a friend that is a guy? → once (maybe)

89. Yourself → ya
90. Miracles → tak
91. Love at first sight → pernah
92. Heaven → ya
93. Santa Claus → tak
94. Kiss on the first date? → x mungkin
95. Angels → malaikat, ya

96. Is there one person you want to be with right now? → mama...rinduuuu.
97. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time? → GILE???
98. Do you believe its possible to remain faithful forever? → InsyaAllah~
99. What's the one thing you cannot live without? → Allah S.W.T, Keluarga
100. Posting this as 100 Truths? → Ya

01 June 2011

Love Quotes

juz wanna to share something with uol readers,

Love Quotes Of The Day...

Love is as much of an object as an obsession, everybody wants it, everybody seeks it, but few ever achieve it, those who do will cherish it, be lost in it, and among all, never… never forget it.
by Curtis Judalet

Love is always bestowed as a gift – freely, willingly and without expectation. We don’t love to be loved; we love to love.
by Leo Buscaglia

Love is like a roller coaster,
Once you have completed the ride,
you want to go again.

by Unknown

Love is the only way to grasp another human being in the innermost core of his personality.
by Viktor E. Frankl 

Love at first sight is often cured by a second look.
Love is sweet when it’s new, but sweeter when it’s true.
Love is like a butterfly, it settles upon you when you least expect it.
Love is the hardest habit to break, and the most difficult to satisfy.
by Drew Marrymore

Love is like a glass door… sometimes you don’t see it, and it smacks you right in your face.
Remember that great love and great achievements involve great risk.
by Anonymous

One’s first love is always perfect until one meets one’s second love.
by Elizabeth Aston

Where the sacred laws of honour are once invaded, love makes the easier conquest.
by Addison

Ancient lovers believed a kiss would literally unite their souls, because the spirit was said to be carried in one’s breath.
by Eve Glicksman 

Not all of us have to possess earthshaking talent. Just common sense and love will do.
by Myrtle Auvil

When they asked me what I loved most about life, I smiled and said you.
by Unknown

There are very few people who are not ashamed of having been in love when they no longer love each other.
by Francois

I have learned not to worry about love;
But to honor its coming with all my heart.
by Alice Walker

I speak in hugs & kisses because true love never misses I will lead or follow to be with you tomorrow. Unknown
One does not fall “in” or “out” of love. One grows in love.
by Leo Buscaglia

However rare true love may be, it is less so than true friendship.
by Unknown

We don’t believe in rheumatism and true love until after the first attack.
by Marie E. Eschenbach

Love is the only satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence.
by Erich Fromm

Love is a puzzle posed by the emotions and not likely to be solved by reason.
by Anon

If you love someone you say it, You say it right then, out loud, Or the moment just passes you by.
My Best Friend’s Wedding (movie)
Love comforteth like sunshine after rain.
William Shakespeare

So dear I love him that with him, All deaths I could endure. Without him, live no life.
[Romeo & Juliet]” – William Shakespeare

29 May 2011

Wedding kak farah & abg Naz

SALAM reader sume,

rini teringin nk cite pasal KAHWIN..
ops!!! bkn aq yg kawin ye tp Kak fara @ housemate aq kawin kat BENTONG pahang..
mcm biase bergerakpg kol10 bajet nk sampai sane kol12 gitu.
moga2 tak sesat..as usual mesti la pegi dgn CHENTA HATI @ MR E..huhu

MR & MRS Emmette (^O^)

Lawo muncung cik abg ni.hehe

pic gedik satu!!!

dlm perjlnan mcm biase mesti bwk bekal kot2 lapar. pi isi myk kat shell then aq tapau croissant 2 keping.
mhl & sejok beku tp lapar pya pasal,aq n MR E belasah je.

melalui hgway sungai buloh then trus ke Bentong.nasib baik jln senang. then sampai2 kol12 lbh. pengantin bersanding kol1.30.adoi kene tggu la plak ape lg kene la tggu dlm kete tok 45 minit.

sesampai je pengntin ape lg aq amik peluang snap pic lorr..

ini pengantinye

abg naz & kak fara

pelamin serba purple (^-^)

bergambar dgn pengantin.. p/s:blkg tu BAKAL pengantin huhuhu
lepas bergambar, kami plan nk trus ke FRASER HILL'S.
teringin nak ke sana..jln masuk ke situ agak bgkang bgkok n menyeram kan..
masok je pintu masuk fraser hill's tu mula jln yg lapang menjadi sempit.agak satu jam jgk tok sampai ke puncak.
mula2 rase give up da coz tak da lgsg kete yg folo dr blkg tp da 15min gitu mula nmpk kete.n jln die amat menakutkan lg seram dr GENTING HIGHLANDS.sempit n berliku-liku.
mcm tak de org yg amik peduli jln kat situ.

after SEJAM mendaki akhirnye sampai jgk di pundak fraser. agak cantik tp area die tak terlalu besar. 
THEN mulala sesi penggambaran.yg tak best nye tetibe hjn lebat. adesss... keciwa aq.terpksa tggu hmpir sejam bru hjn benti.

then after hjn benti, sesi foto shoot bermula.hahahha mule la cri creativity sendiri mcmane nk amik pic berdua. segan plak nk suh org tlg amik kan pic. so, pic ni la hasil2 nye.. huhu 

21 May 2011


arini pepagi aq da bgun dok prepare sandwich coz nk pi PICNIC !!!
best3...nk pi picnic kat HUTAN LIPUR KANCHING or lebih dikenali sbgai TEMPLER PARK ...
pi picnic dgn MR EMMETTE..

nk ke situ amik mase tak smpai sejam melalui lebuhraya guthrie then masuk exit ke rawang ...
smpai kat situ, tak nmpk lg air terjun nye tp ade la sungai mengalir penuh dgn budak2 mandi.
MR EMMETTE mengalu2 kan kedtgn KU !!!

kalu nk mandi kat situ, kene la mendaki tgga selama 15min ke atas..
tu laa gara2 da lame tak pi gym, hah pancit aq nk mendaki tgga tu smpai ke level 7..mati aq !!! 
semput aq jd nye...tp bile da jejak kaki dlm air, waaaaa bestttttttttt!!!! sejukkkkkk !!!!

nmpk steady la konon !!!

Lending Time !!!

tu diaaa tgga nye hah !!!

P/s: MR E, next time dtg la situ ye !!!

20 May 2011


19hb Mei 2011,
aq dpt pggilan dr satu company, n they informed me dat i got the offer as the process engineer ...

ni offer dorg:
Thanks for attending the interview yesterday. We are pleased to confirm offer of employment for Process Engineer (Production Department)-(Executive Level). You shall join the services of the Company on or before 1st June 2011
ko murahkan rezeki ku & permudah kan  segalanye...ALLAH saje yg tau ape perasaan aq.. suke, amat bersyukur, nervous, takot..mcm2 aq rase...
mklom la ni experience pertama aq tok bekeje..aq terpikir tggjwb, beban yg akan aq hadapi nanti...apepon YA ALLAH ko permudah kan la pekerjaan ku...bantu la aq menangani segala kesulitan or kepayahan dlm perkejaan ku nnti...
 officially, aq akan mule berkeje 23rd MAY 2011 ari isnin ni..
tarikh keramat ni bersamaan dgn tarikh anniversary aq dgn MR EMMETTE yg ke 7 bln...
kebetolan ya ALLAH...ko murah kan la rezeki kami & kekal kan la hbgn kami hgga ke akhir hyt kami... AMIN...

interview kijo kat kota kemuning & Glenmarie

18hb Mei 2011,
ni plak tarik keramat tok pertama kalinye aq pi interview keje...
dua tempat plak tu..pg & ptg..
takot,nervous,melalut,segala bende perasaan ade..

kalu nk tau, kene cube la interview...
tibe time interview, hah mule la aq mengarut, melalut ntah pape ntah dlm bilik interview tu
interviewer 2 org je..asst. prod manager & HR officer.

nk tau bpe lame aq kene interview? SEJAM OK!!! korg bygkan la byk gile soklan dorg tye & surprisingly im da only one candidate on dat day.. patot la byk gile soklan yg die tye...

grammar jgn ckp la, kalah time kene kejar anjing..memang gile terabur. ntah pape aq mengarut time tu..tp after interview die suh aq tye soklan...aq pon tye la:

aq: "bile i leh tau result die??"
HR: "2 weeks from now..i'll call u later ok??"
aq: dgn hampa expression, "oooh ok..i'll wait for d offer"

then,aq da tak tau nk tye ape...

waaaa..gitu kan...em tp ntah la...ade rezeki ade la..kt tunggu...

ptg plak, kat glenmarie...overall, dorg nk mechanical engineer not chemical engineer..but its ok coz giving me an opportunity to be in interview...EXPERIENCE tu...

ok la dats all pasal interview...


14hb Mei 2011
tarikh keramat utk hari PRESENTATION DESIGN PROJECT ku~~
after keluar dr bilik presentation tu, aq dgn ini officially graduate (blom konvo lg) my degree level..
ALHAMDULILLAH...aq berjaya mengharungi zaman U aq dgn tabah & berjln lancar.
 yg tak bez nye grup design aq takde rezeki sebagai grup terbaik design for 1-propanol plant.
but its ok, we did well our design project actually.
anyway,thanx a lot to my beloved grup members for a such beautiful memory we have together in completing our project..aq paling tak leh lupe mase kt same2 siapkan 3D PLANT kt.
sgt2 seronok walaupon 3 ari amik mase nk siap...tp ok la tu kan...

baru nk begin ni...nmpk mcm umah kampung kab? reban ayam pon ade..hahaha

2 org piping engineer..amat hbt. 3plus (3+)

almost done

will be added with road way..

mase tok touch up...

view front front gate*

view front back gate

ini laa grup members aq...including sv yg amat sporting!!

dis is smoking area ok...

bakal2 engineer yg berjaya


moga kt tak pnh lupe sume memori ni ok???

07 May 2011



Kpd MDM JUWITA BINTI BACHOK , dgn ini, dgn setulus ikhlas nye, i wish u "Happy Mother's Day"... Along SAYANG mama sgt2...

JUWITA BINTI BACHOK, name yg diberi oleh arwah nenek, name yg lebih kurang same dgn name aq JULIANA, juga diberi oleh nenek, DIA @ SHE adelah mama ku yg plg hebat didunia ini..

*mama ku syg*

DIA...adela insan yg amat aq sygi & cintai..tiada insan lain yg lebih hebat dlm jidup aq..tiada DIA, aq bagai kan hilang arah hidup, runtuh segala semangat ku...DIA amat la penting dlm hidup aq.

MA, segalanye kt kongsi bersam, suka, duka, gurau senda, ketawa, nangis, bermusuh, kwn baik, & segala nye kt bersama...

Ma, along nk ma tau betapa SAYANGNYE & CINTANYE along pd mama. selama 23 tahun along bernafas kat dunia ni, mama lah icon, idola, nyawa along...mama la yg selalu ade di kala along susah ati, sedih, down & mcm2 lagi..

ma,sampai mati, MAMA sorg je yg layak jd mama along. along syg mama... along tak tau nk bls mcmane segala pengorbanan & kepayahan mama selama membesar kan along. tp along hya mampu tok wat mama sentiasa happy & bangga ade anak mcm along.. selagi along bernyawa,selagi kudrat along kuat, along sentiasa berusaha membahagiakan mama & family kt...

to MDM JUWITA BACHOK @ surirumah tgga sepenuh masa, (^__^) , selamat hari ibu...

kpd ibu @ MDM SITI SUBAIDAH & ibu @ MDM ROSIDAH , sy mengucap kan selamat hari ibu...


untung ade ibu byk ni...tp tak leh challenge satu2 nya ibu yg paling hebat di dunia iaitu MAMAKU~~~

ingatan dr JueEmmette: sygila ibu2 kamu selagi mereka hidup krn kasih syg nye pd kt tak pnh kurg & tak penah terpdm lgsg dlm hati mereke

06 May 2011

Currently in JB...

setelah menghabiskan final exam utk semlm, dgn tergesa2 aq cabut blik jb.NAPE?? coz aq hampir menamatkan ZAMAN U aq utk 4tahun berada kat UITM Shah ALAM. Blik jb ni pon coz aq tak tau nk wat ape kalu aq stay kat shah alam till my DESIGN PROJECT on 14th MAY...so, better aq

blik jb menghabiskan mase dgn mama, adik2 n sophia.lg bez...
yg tak bez nye (T___T) aq kene tgl kan MR Emmette kat shah alam.. tetibe windu... (T___T)

kejadian semalam masih kat dlm kepala aq... APE JADI?? ape jadi, aq mengamuk kan adik2 aq yg "AMAT BAIK TU".. baik la pule ye..bkn tak baik tp NAKAL!!!.. kalu satu ari tak wat kpala mama kusut,memg tak sah.. dush..dush..

tp rini nampak la sopan sikit adik2 aq tu..so, selama aq ade kat umah tok beberapa ari ni sebagai "SINGA BETINA DARI SHAH ALAM"..aummmm.. aq harap berubah la sikit adik2 aq ni.kalu tak tau nye wat mak aq sakit otak je.terutama UDA & ADIK..haish..susah dpt adik2 yg HYPER ni..

so, ni je la kot yg aq nk memebel coz sesaje je nk bebel tok pertama kali nye dlm blog...

the truth is, im currently NEW here.. so, dis is ME !!!

masa dinner pre-graduation

bersama mr Emmette di PORT DICKSON

bersama si DIA di ULU BENDUL...